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World’s Leading Aquatic Scientific Societies Urgently Call for Cuts to Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Dire consequences for freshwater and marine resources without significant and fast action Bethesda, MD (September 14, 2020).  In an unprecedented statement released today, 110 aquatic scientific societies, including SWS and representing more than 80,000 scientists across the world, joined forces to sound a climate change alarm. The societies c...

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The President of SWS's Pacific Northwest Chapter, Josh Wozniak, recently authored an article on the importance of wetlands for Salish Magazine. Read it here!

Colorado Some good news: the rule appears to be enjoined in Colorado (where judge did not permit amici briefs): https://www.bloomberglaw.com/public/desktop/document/StateofColoradoThevUSEnvironmentalProtectionAgencyetalDocketNo120/4?1592664339 CaliforniaThe Court denied the motion for a preliminary injunction, and the Navigable Waters Protection Ru...

SWS is excited to have its first Wetland of Distinction designated outside of the United States, the Winton Wetlands in the Murray-Darling Basin of Australia. In addition to being a WoD-related story, this article details a success story about a community-based wetland restoration venture: Restoring a gem in the Murray...