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2019 Jodie Burns Cattails Environmental, LLC
John Lowenthal Cardno
2017 Wei-Ta Fang National Taiwan Normal University
Jim Perry, Ph.D. College of William & Mary
Kimberli Ponzio St. Johns River Water Management District
Jos Verhoeven, Ph.D. Utrecht University
2015 Stephen Faulkner U.S. Geological Survey
Yvonne Vallette U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2014 Ted Burger TOB Support Services
2013 William Conner Clemson University
Gregory Noe U.S. Geological Survey
2012 Sandy Doyle-Ahern EMH&T
Darold Batzer University of Georgia
Steven Pennings University of Houston
2011 Wei-Ta Fang Chung Hua University
Rob McInnes Bioscan UK, Ltd
Isidro Antonio T. Savillo Iloilo State College of Fisheries
2010 Charles Andrew Cole Penn State University
2009 R. Harold Jones Sigma Environmental Services, Inc.
2008 James C. Lynch U.S. Geological Survey
2007 Douglas A. Wilcox U.S. Geological Survey
2006 Frank P. Day Old Dominion University
2003 Glenn Guntenspergen U.S. Geological Survey
Mary Kentula U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2002 Teresa Doss and
the Mid-Atlantic USA Chapter
2000 U.S. Geological Survey,
National Wetlands Research Center
1999 James Parnell Univeristy of North Carolina
1998 Lee Ischinger U.S. Geological Survey
Janet Keough U.S. Geological Survey
1996 Frank P. Day, Courtney Hackney,James Kushlan, Mary Leck, Beth Middleton,Ming-Ko Woo, and Wayne Hudnall  
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  • Australian bushfires - How to help

  • Repeal of the 2015 Clean Water Rule

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