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2019 Andrew Hamilton Baldwin University of Maryland
J. Patrick Megonigal Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
2018 Ralph W. Tiner, PWS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Retired
2017 Robert Brooks Pennsylvania State University
Max Finlayson, Ph.D. Charles Sturt University
Cliff Hupp, Ph.D. U.S. Geological Survey
2016 R. Eugene Turner Louisiana State University
2015 Christopher Craft Indiana University
Paul Keddy Independent Scholar
2013 Katherine Ewel University of Florida
Chris Freeman Bangor University
Carol Johnston South Dakota State University
Beth Middleton U.S. Geological Survey
James Morris University of South Carolina
Joy Zedler University of Wisconsin - Madison
2012 Scott D. Bridgham University of Oregon
Susan M. Galatowitsch University of Minnesota
2011 Donald R. Cahoon U.S. Geological Survey
Frank P. Day Old Dominion University
Neil Saintilan NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Water
Jos T.A. Verhoeven University of Utrecht
Dennis Whigham Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
2010 Barbara L. Bedford Cornell University
Joan G. Ehrenfeld Rutgers University
Ned H. "Chip" Euliss, Jr. U.S. Geological Survey
Irving A. Mendelssohn Louisiana State University
Loren M. Smith Oklahoma State University
Michael J. Vepraskas North Carolina State University
Thomas C. Winter U.S. Geological Survey
2008 Karen L. McKee U.S. Geological Survey
Rebecca R. Sharitz University of Georgia
Arnold G. van der Valk Iowa State University
2007 Mark M. Brinson East Carolina University
William H. Conner Clemson University
R. Kelman Wieder Villanova University
1994 Sarah Cooke Cooke Scientific
Curt Richardson Duke University
Doug Wilcox U.S. Geological Survey
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  • 2020 VIRTUAL Annual Business Meeting
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