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Vegetation Identification for Wetland Delineation: South

Vegetation Identification for Wetland Delineation: South

Course Objectives:

  1. To provide a review of wetland plant communities of South Jersey, emphasizing their dominant species.
  2. To familiarize students with important diagnostic features used to separate plants into groups for field identification.
  3. To use field guides to identify plants characteristic of freshwater wetlands in South Jersey.
  4. To introduce students to some rare and uncommon plants found in wetlands of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.


Ralph Tiner, M.S., M.P.A.. SWS Fellow has over 40 years of practical experience in wetland delineation and is a nationally recognized authority in the field. He is a nationally recognized expert on wetland delineation and has been actively involved in improving wetland delineation techniques for decades. In addition, he was compiler and principal author of the Federal Interagency Wetland Delineation Manual, which was published in 1989 and is the standard for identifying and delineating wetlands in New Jersey. In addition to writing about wetlands, he has been teaching wetland identification and delineation courses through the Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education Office since the mid-1980s.

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Event Date 09-17-2019 8:30 am
Location Cattus Island County Park
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