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Living Shoreline Design | 2018

Living Shoreline Design | 2018

Format:  4-week Online Workshop

Tuition:    ON SALE $849

Living Shorelines are a biological solution to erosion at the water’s edge.  Many states require that Living Shorelines be used in lieu of traditional bank stabilization approaches such as bulkheads and stone revetments.  If properly constructed, Living Shorelines provide both bank stabilization and wildlife habitat. Due to the adaptive biological nature of Living Shorelines, they also adjust to local environmental changes over time becoming a permanent and cost-effective long-term solution.

Permitting Considerations

Many state and local jurisdictions have specific design criteria for various construction parameters.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has a specific Nationwide permit for Living Shorelines that we will discuss. We will cover many of the “best practices” in the workshop.  One of the class assignments will be to review your local permitting requirements.

Design Assignments

The goal of this class is for you to prepare a Living Shoreline design.  You will need access to a candidate site to use for the assignment. You will need to take some simple measurements on-site, so be sure you have permission to access the property.  You will also need access to a builder’s level and transit level rod. The level and rod only need to be used for one day in the field. You can rent these from a local surveyors’ supply store.  We will provide you with more guidance on this during the class.

This workshop will include presentations, resource material, interactive discussions and weekly assignments.  Please plan to spend about 3-4 hours per week participating in this class. You do not need to log into the class at any particular time and you can work on it whenever it best suits your schedule.  

There are weekly assignments, discussions, and quizzes that will need to be completed on a weekly basis. These are graded, and instructor feedback will be provided. You can also contact the instructor at any time during the class to answer questions.   You can expect a prompt instructor response, usually within one business day.



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Event Date 09-17-2018 8:00 am
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