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Ericaceae and Ericaceous Heaths of Maine

Ericaceae and Ericaceous Heaths of Maine

July 21–27, 2019

The focus of this seminar is on the plant family Ericaceae. Coastal Maine is particularly rich in ericaceous species with approximately 32 shrub and herb species placed in 17 genera. Ericaceae in the broad sense (incl. monotropoids, pyroloids, empetrids) are abundant in a broad range of coastal and inland habitats providing opportunities to study the taxonomic diversity in a phylogenetic context. Ecological components of the family, e.g., niche/habitat and fungal and pollinator associations will be considered for independent study. Field trips will target local plant community types with abundant ericad diversity, followed by guided identification of collections, supplemented by examination of species found in other parts of North America. Participants are encouraged to bring collections they have made in other geographic areas.

Paul Manos (pmanos@duke.edu) is a Professor of Biology at Duke University, Durham, NC. He has worked on the systematics of Northern Hemisphere woody plants with an emphasis on oaks, hickories, and walnuts. More recently, he has studied the biogeography of the eastern Northern American flora. He has extensive teaching experience in the southern Appalachians and a well-developed interest in the diversity and ecology of Ericaceae, and in the systematics of Vaccinium. https://biology.duke.edu/people/paul-s-manos

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Event Date 07-21-2019
Location Eagle Hill Institute
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