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Environmental Forensics-Site Characterization and Remediation

Environmental Forensics-Site Characterization and Remediation

This 2 day course will provide attendees with a wide array of analytical techniques available to fingerprint a variety of contaminants and to address the basic questions involved in any environmental forensics study:

  1. What is the contaminant(s)?
  2. What is the source(s)?
  3. When did the release occur?
  4. Is the contaminant degrading?

The final topic will center around site remediation and how some of the techniques used in topics discussed above can also be used to monitor site cleanup, particularly those sites being remediated by natural attenuation.

Intended Audience:

This course will provide useful information for chemists, engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, microbiologists, attorneys and regulators that are involved with a variety of environmental issues including contamination characterization and source determination as well as site remediation

Continuing Education Units: 0.70 CEUs

Website: https://nwetc.org/course-catalog/chem-545-may-21-22-2019

Contact: info@nwetc.org

Event Properties

Event Date 05-21-2019
Location Austin, TX