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Wetlands in the News

Listed below are links to news articles that may be of interest. They also appear in SWS's Wetland Science & Practice (WSP) quarterly magazine publication. Members are encouraged to send links to articles about wetlands in their local area to WSP Editor at ralphtiner83@gmail.com and reference “Wetlands in the News” in the subject box. This page is updated quarterly. 

Huntington Beach wetlands continue to expand, following decades of degradation

The World’s Largest Tropical Wetland Has Become an Inferno

Why Scientists Made Venus Flytraps That Glow

To protect nature, bring down the walls of fortress conservation

Florida seeks to take over federal wetland permits

Why trout need wetlands

What’s Green, Soggy and Fights Climate Change?

Droughts are threatening global wetlands

How to reverse global wildlife declines by 2050

Elusive eastern black rail threatened by rising sea levels

Mercury on the Rise

40 Percent of the Amazon Is on the Brink of Becoming Savanna

USDA Seeks New Partnerships to Safeguard, Restore Wetland Ecosystems

How to Revolutionize Biodiversity Conservation in the U.S.

MR-GO closure improving environment, but more wetlands, swamp restoration needed

40 Percent of World's Plants at Risk of Extinction

New Study Shows a Vicious Circle of Climate Change Building on Thickening Layers of Warm Ocean Water

The world’s largest wetland is on fire: how can we save the Pantanal?

'The Blob': Low-oxygen water killing lobsters, fish in Cape Cod Bay

Brazil revokes mangrove protections, weakening another ecosystem key to curbing climate change

Invasive sea lampreys in Great Lakes, and the lake trout they prey on, puzzle scientists

USDA Awards $5 Million to Support Wetland Mitigation Banking

Blue Origin to fill wetlands for rocket test site

Why Nova Scotia wants to poison a lake to kill off invasive species

A Watershed Study for Wetland Restoration

Study finds spreading ghost forests on NC coast may contribute to climate change

The World's Marvellously Freaky Carnivorous Plants Are in More Trouble Than We Knew

Two new species of wetland plant discovered from Western Ghats

Wetland Silviculture & Water Tables

Florida Gulf Coast University unveils new ultrasonic technology to fight algae blooms

Extraordinary Fires Char the Pantanal, a Vast Floodplain in South America

Brazilian wetlands fires started by humans and worsened by drought

Army Corps launches Everglades, Biscayne Bay restoration plan

New wetland recharge park opens in Ocala

‘The warning lights are flashing.’ Report finds nations failing to protect biodiversity

Handing federal wetlands permitting to FL DEP is an idea that’s all wet

Fires in Pantanal, world's largest tropical wetlands, 'triple' in 2020

Portugal's airport plans threaten wetlands

Australian stinging trees release spider-like venom that can hurt for weeks

Soggy coastal soils? Here’s why ecologists love them

Long-term change in habitat and vegetation in an ungrazed, estuarine salt marsh: Man-made foreland compared to young marsh development

Conservationists Split Over Poseidon Desal Project’s Potential to Help Bolsa Chica Wetlands Voice of OC

Birds are mysteriously dying in New Mexico in 'frightening' numbers

Battle on to save Brazil's tropical wetlands from flames

Trump Administration Announces more than $130 Million in Public-Private Funding for Wetland Conservation Projects

Buzzy’s Ranch wetlands restoration seeks grant to buy water rights

World's wildlife populations in devastating decline warns WWF report

More than half of government environmental scientists say their work has been suppressed

Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn

Bending the Curve of Biodiversity Loss: Ambitious Conservation and Restoration Efforts Required

As the Arctic thaws, Indigenous Alaskans demand a voice in climate change research

How artificial salt marshes can help in the fight against rising seas

With Baylands under flood threat, Palo Alto explores projects to address sea level rise

Why plants in wetlands are highly productive

Wetland area does not get Greene County stamp of approval, land trust makes plans for another proposal

Pitkin County launches project to restore ancient wetland at North Star Preserve near Aspen

New floating wetlands in Winton Woods pond hold aquatic plants

Invasive green crab species spotted in Padilla Bay, Anacortes

Invasive aquatic plant found in 4 Michigan inland lakes

Brazil Pantanal Scorched by Fires

Court Overturns Administration Efforts to Weaken the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Quakertown swamp gets Wetland of Distinction title | Southeastern Pennsylvania

NASA Research Reveals the True Causes of Sea Level Rise Since 1900

Human-Nature Connectivity: Wetlands Within Sustainable Futures

Hamoun wetlands restoration project started

Inverleith Park Pond - Water Gems

Massachusetts grants $798,500 for river, wetland restoration projects

BCCC & Sound Rivers to start construction on new wetlands

Potsdam professor turns to beetles in fight against invasive purple loosetrife

VEWH - Improving plants in Lower Barwon wetlands

Brazil fires threaten world's largest wetland

Watch hummingbirds ‘dance’ through waterfalls

The sea otter rescue plan that worked too well

Carnivorous Plants of Delaware's Wetlands: sundew, bladderworts & more

Under the radar rollback of stream and wetland protections

Greenland's ice sheet has melted to a point of no return, study finds

Concrete to be removed to create wetlands in East Bay

'It overtakes everything:' Invasive aquatic plant threatens to overrun Potomac watershed

Scientists decry federal rule that removes protection from 'unconnected' streams and wetlands

High-latitude Climate Change - Alaska Nature and Science (U.S. National Park Service)

Dead sturgeon found on Lake Michigan beaches

We mapped the world's frozen peatlands – what we found was very worrying

Half Of Wisconsin’s Wetlands To Lose Federal Protection, Nature Conservancy Estimates

A century ago, it was a Florida landscape shrub. Now, it's a pest plant that keeps spreading.

UNEP supports project to restore peatlands in Indonesia

Wetland revival

Market St. development on wetland overcomes opposition, heads to Wilmington council

Citrus Flavoring Is Weaponized Against Insect-Borne Diseases

Abandoned Fiberglass Boats are Polluting the Marine Environment

Toxic Chemicals From Fossil Fuels Are Poisoning East Coast Dolphins and Whales, Study Finds

Plants cropping up in lost Michigan lakes where dams failed

Fridays On The Farm: Restoring Wetlands and Creating Habitat

Climate change: UK peat emissions could cancel forest benefits

Wind farms built on carbon-rich peat bogs lose their ability to fight climate change

Articles on international activities in wetland and nature conservation

New wetlands open to the public

Peat takes millennia to generate, and bogs store 10 times more carbon than forests — using it in gardening is madness

Ancient bones in disturbed peat bogs are rotting away, alarming archaeologists

Smaller habitats worse than expected for biodiversity

Kabartal Wetland

'A win for the Everglades': 5,000 pythons removed in state-sponsored capture program

Wetland Wildlife of Arkansas

Ireland's Peatlands - The National Trust for Ireland

New wetland installed in Putnam County

Two new bird species discovered nesting in restored Arkansas wetlands

Plan to dissolve Peatland Restoration Agency raised concerns

Global methane emissions soar to record high

A ‘regime shift’ is happening in the Arctic Ocean, scientists say

The Dawn of Hope peat slide: understanding the source area

The biodiversity leader who is fighting for nature amid a pandemic

Permafrost - An introduction

Beavers are Gnawing Away at Arctic Permafrost

National parks are being overrun by invasive species

Arctic records its hottest temperature ever

Everglades restoration makes progress in Picayune

Repeat offender fined for wetlands violations, ordered by ConComm to restore property

Shrub encroachment on grasslands can increase groundwater recharge

[Letter from Ireland] Bogland

Bill introduced to protect wetlands

Dog-killing cane toads are back as rains draw them out

Peatland drainage in Southeast Asia adds to climate change

A tectonic plate may have peeled apart—and that could shrink the Atlantic Ocean

DNA metabarcoding reveals metacommunity dynamics in a threatened boreal wetland

Migratory Birds Are Failing to Adapt to Climate Change

COVID-19 Is Crushing Conservation Groups

Why glass frogs have see-through skin becomes clear in study

Be still, my beating wings: hunters kill migrating birds on their 10,000km journey to Australia

Fuzzy Green ‘Glacier Mice’ Move In Groups And Puzzle Scientists

Parts of Siberia are hotter than Washington

Tropical forests and carbon storage

Miami’s fight against rising seas

The world’s fastest sinking city

Tipping points of Mississippi Delta marshes due to accelerated sea-level rise

Dinosaurs walked through Antarctic rainforests

Gautam Shah is harnessing an ‘Internet of Elephants’ to foster conservation

Conservation in crisis: ecotourism collapse threatens communities and wildlife

Study shows wetter climate is likely to intensify global warming

‘People think no one is watching’: Fears of environmental damage amid travel restrictions

The Scotch Whisky Brand Helping to Restore Oyster Reefs

‘Hydrologists should be happy.’ Big Supreme Court ruling bolsters groundwater science

Florida Aquarium becomes first in the world to reproduce ridged cactus coral in human care

Cranes make comeback in Britain’s wetlands

Latest Bleaching of Great Barrier Reef Underscores Global Coral Crisis

Park closed during coronavirus? Look to wetlands to get outdoors

New investments save dynamic coastal wetland habitat

Scientists uncover an ancient underwater forest that could help pioneer new medicines 

Ocean Acidification Is Literally Dissolving The Shells Of Dungeness Crab

In Glacier National Park, Ice Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Disappearing

Could we have a clean Estero Bay again? FGCU’s Cela Tega conference offered a toolkit of ideas

FGCU wetlands professor blasts Trump water rules, calls for citizen action

Trump Administration Rule Endangers Chesapeake Wetlands, Environment Advocates Say

EPA weakens protections for streams and wetlands

Trump’s EPA is said to cut scientists out of new water policy that threatens New England wetlands

A blob of hot ocean water killed a million seabirds, scientists say

As Seas Rise, a Florida Keys ‘Ghost Forest’ Makes A Last Stand

Sandy Bottom wetlands to receive protection for ‘national ecological significance’

Wetlands Bring New Life to the Salton Sea

Wetland geomorphology and paleoecology near Akab Muclil, Rio Bravo floodplain of the Belize coastal plain

Nuns are turning a convent into a wetland to fight flooding in New Orleans

Chinese paddlefish is extinct, new study finds

Why a wetland might not be wet

WOTUS in the West

Sky Lake In Mississippi Is Home To Some Of The World’s Oldest Trees

Tampa Bay area construction boom, disappearing wetlands contribute to flooding in neighborhoods

Amid the wasteland of the Salton Sea, a miraculous but challenging oasis is born

Floating Wetlands For Montauk’s Fort Pond

Surge in Global Methane Emissions Traced Back to East African Wetland

Lawsuit Challenges Destructive Luxury Development in Historic Wetland Area on South San Francisco Bay

Urban jungle: Student project at saline wetland chronicles the animals among us

Biodiversity has substantially changed in one of the largest Mediterranean wetlands 

Wetlands and buffers group has unfinished business

Willow-dominated wetlands of Lapland fells are resilient to reindeer grazing

‘Helping something other than ourselves:’ Petaluma kids save wetlands

Wetlands will keep up with sea level rise to offset climate change

Verbatim: Little River Wetlands Project buys 40-acre site

Boston Institutes New Tougher Wetlands Ordinance

Colorado Parks and Wildlife celebrates 30 years of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act

2,624-Year-Old Tree Discovered in North Carolina Swamp Is One of the Oldest on Earth

‘Mother Nature recovers amazingly fast’: reviving Ukraine’s rich wetlands

Mid-Devonian Archaeopteris Roots Signal Revolutionary Change in Earliest Fossil Forests

Wetlands – News, Research and Analysis

Louisiana sues California over alligator ban

Bringing the world’s buried wetlands back from the dead

First CWA Case Ruling Relies on EPA Groundwater Statement

Granger Wetlands, a habitat-rich 163-acre site, will become a Medina County Park District Wildlife Sanctuary

Wetlands Saga That Reached Supreme Court Churns in Ninth Circuit 

Tiny woodlands are more important than previously thought

Weatherwatch: restore peat bogs to fight climate change | Greenhouse gas emissions

Sea levels are rising more than expected, according to scientists

Will Vermont farmers pay the price to protect wetlands?

CLEAN WATER ACT: Economic analysis could undermine Trump rule repeal -- Wednesday, October 30, 2019

INTERIOR: Meet the feds who track changes in the nation’s wetlands

Coastal authority wants to use Maurepas Swamp diversion as mitigation for West Shore Lake Pontchartrain levee

Wetland Soils Pollen Preservation in Alluvial Soils: Implications for Paleoecology and Land Use Studies

$25 Million Wetland Project in Delaware Breaks Ground

We Need to Talk About Peat

Warmer, wetter climate benefits some birds as wetlands vanish

Bringing the world’s buried wetlands back from the dead

Rising sea levels could submerge entire cities worldwide by 2050, report warns

Grouse-shooting estates face ban on burning of peat bogs

In the Land of Peat & Whiskey

Climate change: Peatlands ‘turning into carbon sources’

Northern peatlands may contain twice as much carbon as previously thought

New “Ghost Forests” Are a Sign of Climate Change

Warming Waters In The Gulf Of Maine Threaten Whale Populations

Report shows ‘stunning and dramatic’ scenes of thawing permafrost in Siberia that ‘leaves millions on unstable ground’

UN Climate Report on Oceans, Frozen Regions Warns ‘Unprecedented Transitions in All Aspects of Society’ Needed to Sustain Life on Earth

Helping the World Breathe – Wetland Restoration in Iceland

Climate change may destroy vital peatland over next 30 years

Amazon rainforest captured in 19th-century photos

Inside the search for Africa’s carbon time bomb: a huge peatland

Over 600,000 trees to be planted on disused peat bogs in Ireland

Connecting fractured habitats has long-lasting ecological benefits, study in Science

Brits And Americans Try Bog Snorkelling For The First Time

‘Heartbreaking’: Wetland home of critically endangered eels bulldozed by council

What’s going on with Everglades restoration?

Rollback of water rule could affect SETX wetlands

Restoring peatlands to ‘reduce risk of wildfires’ in south Wales

Watch “Parking lot becomes salt marsh in Del Mar wetland restoration” on YouTube

Proposed 836 extension gets slammed by EPA: ‘unacceptable adverse secondary impacts’ to the Everglades

Mosquito incognito: Could graphene-lined clothing prevent mosquito bites?

Hundreds swim through murky water at World Bog Snorkelling Championship

The Amazon Fires Are Political

The Gulf Stream is slowing down. That could mean rising seas and a hotter Florida

ICC’s constructed wetland expected to hold a slew of benefits

Iceland’s Okjokull glacier commemorated with plaque

The water is so hot in Alaska it’s killing large numbers of salmon

‘Dead zone’: Data confirms dire warnings about algae growing in Chesapeake Bay

Greenland’s ice melted at the expected worst-case rate for 2070

Wet, Wild And High: Lakes And Rivers Wreak Havoc Across Midwest, South

The World’s Biggest Frogs Are So Chunky, They Shift Rocks to Build Their Own Ponds

Pentagon May Have Released Weaponized Ticks That Helped Spread of Lyme Disease: Investigation Ordered

Scientist, photographers capture first-ever images of ghost orchid pollinators

Invasive plants choke Michigan waters. So why can anyone order them online?

Odum’s 1960s Everglades Studies Shape the Science of Ecology

Lawsuit Seeks Federal Habitat Protection for Two Central Texas Salamanders

WOTUS debate moves to Senate committee

Temporary floating wetlands installed in stormwater pond

Vintage photos of Cuyahoga River on fire highlight why EPA exists

Enchanted Lake residents fear planned development will destroy wetlands

Scientists amazed as Canadian permafrost thaws 70 years early

Permafrost is thawing rapidly. How much should we worry?

Near-record ‘dead zone’ predicted in the Gulf of Mexico this summer...

Climate change alters what’s possible in restoring Florida’s Everglades

Bog near Bristol gains more protection with nonprofit’s land purchase

Embracing The Salt And Adapting To Sea Level Rise

See the drastic toll climate change is taking on our oceans

How an Irish Bog Got a Second Life as a Sculpture Garden

Coastal wetlands protect us from disaster

The bog swarming with scientists and artists

Wetlands park on pace to open in fall

Using the past to unravel the future for Arctic wetlands

Cranes, gators and eagles: Houston Zoo’s new wetlands exhibit showcases Texas conservation success

Record number of wading bird nests is sign of hope for Everglades

The Homeland and the Wetlands: The Yazoo backwater fight rages

Bozeman developers donate wetlands to Audubon for nature preserve

In Antarctica, a little poop goes a long way

Ancient cypress tree found in NC swamp

How sea level rise affects birds in coastal forests

Groups, gov’t partners tap farmers to save Candaba wetlands

Indonesia sees drop in hotspots due to peatland restoration efforts, says agency

Big ‘green’ mistake: dumping sewage in wetlands carries hidden costs

Shrinking wetlands getting help

On one island, a microcosm of Vietnam’s environmental challenges

Fourteen-year project sees bare paddocks shaped into wetland in Wairarapa

Groups, gov’t partners tap farmers to save Candaba wetlands

Gardeners persist in using peat, despite environmental pleas

Endangered wetlands offer vital wildlife habitat and, often, a reason to fight about coastal development

Chinese contractor destroys wetlands in Nyari

There are bogs that should never have been designated in the first place

Plentiful wildflowers ready for first generation of monarch butterflies

Florida’s least wanted: 10 invasive animal species that are wrecking native ecosystems

Mosquito Management is Key in Creating Popular Urban Wetlands

10 Acres In, Wetlands Restoration Project Near Flagler Beach Is Still Kicking Up Turbid Opposition

Scientists just captured a record 17-foot-long python in Florida

California adopts new wetlands rules to protect them from Trump rollbacks

Invasive round gobies may be poised to decimate endangered French Creek mussels

The Usual Story of the National Park Service Is Incomplete

Amphibian ‘apocalypse’ caused by most destructive pathogen ever

Sea level rise: Saltwater intrusion laying waste to Delmarva farms

Spring bird migration at Montezuma Wetlands Complex

Elizabeth Coleman White: Blueberry Queen of the Jersey Pines

Spotted salamanders discovered at Munroe Falls Metro Park as wetlands make a return

Study finds people in Ireland and Scotland made “bog butter” for millennia

Marshes Can Adapt To Rising Seas By Trapping More Carbon. Here’s What That Means

As sea level rises, wetlands crank up their carbon storage

The Ocean Is Running Out of Breath, Scientists Warn

The ubiquitous SC coastal marsh grass is no longer called spartina

What’s in a Name? A Lot, It Seems!

Scientists say there’s still time to save Minnesota from invasive wetland plant

Wetland mud is ‘secret weapon’ against climate change

Continued sea-level rise on East and Gulf coasts detailed: Nearly all non-Alaskan West Coast tide stations also saw higher seas

Ancient wetlands provide new insight into global carbon cycle

WOTUS Rollback: ‘No Wetlands, No Seafood’

Why the world needs wetlands

Neither snow, slush nor sunken ice keeps these scientists from wetland restoration

Conserving Carolina working to rehab 100-acre wetland

Tulane Study: Sea levels are rising faster than originally thought

As EPA Eases Wetlands Rule, California Makes a Countermove

FGCU researcher wants to clean water by flipping lands between wetlands and farm fields in Everglades

World’s Oceans Are Warming Faster, Studies Show, Fueling Storms and Sea Rise

Along the East Coast, rainy days, high tides and sea rise make floods a part of life

Wetlands in Wood County to be restored

Stirrings in the Muck: Fiddler Crabs, Yellow-Crowned Night Herons Locked in Climate Change Dance – National Geographic Society Newsroom

SC wetlands — prized for habitat and flood buffer — lose protection under Trump water rule

Saving the World’s Largest Tropical Wetland - the Pantanal

Novato wetlands project cleared for $5.7M infusion

City adds to wetlands preservation along Salt Creek

Global sea level could rise 15 meters by 2300, study says

New Climate Report Was Too Cautious, Some Scientists Say

What’s Another Way to Say ‘We’re F-cked’?

Cows help battle invasive grass at Great Salt Lake wetlands

Developer cited for violating clean water act after developing part of subdivision in wetlands

Rising Seas Threaten Iconic Mediterranean Sites

The future of wetlands: We’ve been warned

Prevent red tide? Start with more wetlands, experts say

Climate change doubters are finalists for Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board

Sea level rise doesn’t necessarily spell doom for coastal wetlands

West Marin wetlands project hits 10-year mark

As Sea Levels Rise, How Best to Protect Coasts?

World’s Largest Tropical Wetland Has A Problem With Roadkill

Rising Seas Forcing Changes on Maryland’s Historic Eastern Shore Farms

Climate change: ‘Wetlands vital to protect cities’

As Insect Populations Decline, Scientists Are Trying to Understand Why

Rising sea levels may build, rather than destroy, coral reef islands

$400,000 grant to plan wetlands restoration between Bucktown and Bonnabel in Jefferson Parish

Saltese Flats wetlands project underway for wildlife, water

Industries face closure for polluting wetlands, water bodies

Oasis Lost - With urbanization sprawling west, one of the most important landscapes in the western hemisphere—the wetlands of the Great Salt Lake—is at risk of disappearing.

End of an era as Ireland closes its peat bogs ‘to fight climate change’

Bill would roll back wetlands protections

Marin gets $520,000 for Novato wetlands restoration project

West Coast Wetlands Could Nearly Disappear in 100 Years

Wetlands are a natural climate solution. Guess who’s turning them into big polluters?

Requiem for our wetlands? What’s at risk in NE Minnesota

Michigan Senate votes to drain wetlands regulations

As he exits, Michigan lawmaker wants to gut wetland protection, boost waste

Trump EPA Proposes Major Rollback Of Federal Water Protections

Southeast Long Beach land swap could net more wetlands—and more greenhouse gases

Saving the Graniteville Woods and Wetlands: How a poor community is fighting to save their only open, green space

CLEAN WATER ACT: EPA falsely claims ‘no data’ on waters in WOTUS rule

LSU wetlands mitigation bank plan moves forward

Trump wetlands rule rollback makes about 6 million acres in Florida unprotected

In India, Nature’s Power Overwhelms Engineered Wetlands

Controversial wetlands legislation gets scaled back by state Legislature

Wetland damage from roseau cane plague visible in satellite images

Wetlands disappearing 3 times faster than forests threatening fresh water supplies: Report

Why we must save the Endangered Species Act

Beavers are redefining the landscape at Smith and Bybee Lake Wetlands Natural Area

What the world needs now to fight climate change: More swamps

Proposal for wetland buffers doesn’t hold water in Lewes

Future of tidal wetlands depends on coastal management

Moving a floating wetland from a beach in Minnesota

Stop using “Swamp” as a negative term (e.g., “drain the swamp”)

Upcoming ASWM webinar on compensatory mitigation registration

Restoring wetlands for desert pupfish

North Carolina wetland regulations

Massachusetts wetland enforcement

Wetlands for downtown Durham, NC

Wetland conservation in Texas

Wetland banking in Minnesota

Columbian wetlands

Wetland restoration in Milwaukee

Kansas wetland park

Walden Pond revisited

Wisconsin Frac mining permit

Minnesota wetland conservation

Hong Kong wetlands

Spokane County wetland restoration

Florida wetland regulation

Sea-level rise threatens local tribe in Louisiana

Turtles in crisis

5 Interesting Facts About the Pantanal, the World's Largest Tropical Wetland

Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay signed the Declaration for the Conservation of the Pantanal

Penguins seen from space

County officials say isolated wetlands bill could have adverse effects here

Politicized Wisconsin DNR erasing rare wetlands, retirees say

Ballona wetlands historic images

Mining impacts proposed for Minnesota