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WSP Contents


July 2020 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Forty Years as a Scientific Organization - Special Thanks to past officers
  • Society of Wetland Scientists: The First Forty Years by Katherine C. Ewel
  • Present and Past SWS Award Winners
  • History and Role of the Journal WETLANDS in Developing the Field of Wetland Science by Douglas A. Wilcox
  • A Society of Wetland Scientists Climate Change and Wetlands Initiative by C. Max Finlayson and others
  • A Second Citizen Science State of the World’s Wetlands Survey. SWS Members’ Help Needed Again! by Robert J. McInnes and others
  • Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program (SWSPCP) by Kim Ponzio and Matt Simpson
  • Wetlands of Distinction by Steffanie Munguia
  • Vegetation Sampling Concepts for Compensatory Mitigation Sites by Douglas A. DeBerry
  • Farmers in the Marsh: Lessons from History and Case Studies for the Future by Susan C. Adamowicz and others
  • Landscape Effects on Freshwater Turtle Heavy Metal Bioaccumulation in West Virginia Wetlands by Darien N. Lozon
  • Florida Gulf Coast University’s Everglades Wetland Research Park in Naples Receives $1 million Grant to Investigate Innovative Approach for Mitigating Harmful Algal Blooms by Bill Mitsch
  • From the Bog – the Last HA HA! by Doug Wilcox


April 2020 Wetland Science & Practice

  • SWS 40th Anniversary - Reflections of Past Presidents on the Past and Future of the Society, Part 2
  • In Memorium - Dr. Eville Gorham (1925-2020) by Dr. Susan Galatowitsch
  • Upcoming Symposium: A Universal Declaration on the Rights of Wetlands – Shifting the Paradigm to Restore the Human-wetland Relationship in Support of Wetland Restoration, Conservation and Wise Use by Matthew Simpson, Nick Davidson, Gillian Davies, Max Finlayson, William R Moomaw5, Dave Pritchard7, M Siobhan Fennessy, and James Whitacre
  • SWS-supported Student Research Grant Projects 2019
  • Clustered Constructed Wetland Systems in Metropolitan Taipei by Wei-Ta Fang, Shang-Shu Shih, Bai-You Cheng, and Jui-Yu Chou
  • The Navigable Waters “Protection” Rule by Matt Schweisberg, PWS
  • Australian Fires – Consequences and Challenges Ahead by Roy Messaros
  • Youth Engaged in Wetlands (YEW) 2020 Declaration Published


January 2020 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Baltimore Proclamation on the Role of Wetlands in Meeting Global Environmental Challenges
  • SWS 40th Anniversary - Reflections of Past Presidents on the Past and Future of the Society, Part 1
  • Special Report - EPA and the Army Finalize the Navigable Waters Protection Rule for Regulating Wetlands Under the Clean Water Act
  • Howard T. Odum and wetland ecology by Arnold van der Valk
  • Formation and Development of Floating Peat Mats in a European Eutrophic Lake: A Case Study by Henning Günther, Rüdiger Knösche
  • Teaching Groundwater Hydrology in a Wetland Ecology Class by Douglas A. Wilcox
  • Youth Engaged in Wetlands: A Global Network to Protect Wetlands by Elise Allély-Fermé, Tatiana Lobato-de Magalhães, Gab Mejia, Priyanka Sarkar, Roger Delamou, and Nic Fabian
  • An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America – Fifth Edition, Edited by R.W. Merritt, K.W. Cummins, and M.B. Berg / Reviewed by Ralph Tiner

October 2019 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Society of Wetland Scientists 40th Anniversary Celebration by Beth Middleton
  • SWS Joins Others in Filing Brief for Supreme Court Case by Royal Gardner
  • National Audubon Society’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary: A Wetland of Distinction by Shawn E. Clem and Michael J. Duever
  • Hydrologic Changes over 60 Years (1959-2019) in an Old-Growth Bald Cypress Swamp on a Rapidly Developing Landscape by Shawn E. Clem and Michael J. Duever
  • Observations from Brief Visits to Some of Ireland’s Wetlands by Ralph W. Tiner


July 2019 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Proceedings from the Society of Weltand Scientists' 2019 Annual Meeting


April 2019 Wetland Science & Practice

  • The Denver Declaration on the Management and Restoration of Wetlands by C.M. Finlayson and others
  • SWS Student Grant Research Report - Initial Surface Hydrology Characteristics of Icelandic, Drained, Patchy Wetlands by Elizabeth A. Perera and Kathy L. Young
  • Introduction to Articles on Floating Wetlands by Mason Bowles
  • Reviving Urban Ecosystems with Constructed Floating Wetlands by Mason Bowles
  • Design Optimization in Floating Treatment Wetlands:  An Examination of Key Challenges and Solutions by Josh Clark
  • Adapting floating wetland design to advance performance in urban waterfronts by Christopher Streb and others
  • BioHaven Floating Islands:  Modeling and Their Role in Water Resource Recovery by Mark Reinsel
  • Potential and Problems of Floating Treatment Wetlands for Mitigating Agricultural Contaminants by Sarah A. White and others
  • Structural Floating Wetlands: Achieving Ecosystem Services in Heavily Modified Waterbodies by Galen Fulford
  • Fish Fry Lake: Perspectives from an Inventor on the Application of Created Floating Islands for Water Quality Renovation by Bruce Kania
  • Book Review - Eden Again: Hope in the Marshes of Iraq by Richard C. Smardon


January 2019 Wetland Science & Practice

  • U.S. Clean Water Act Policy vs. Wetland Science - Nexus or Not? by Richard C. Smardon
  • Less Water in the Face of Climate Change Reduces Erosion Vulnerability of South Africa’s Wetlands by Fred Ellery
  • Desert Wetland Ecosystems: Springs, Seeps and Irrigation by Paul J. DuBowy
  • Using Landscape-Level Wetland Assessment to Aid in Local Management of Wetlands for Lake County, Illinois by Juli E. Crane, Glenn H. Westman, and Michael E. Prusila
  • Teaching Redox as a Chinese Buffet by Douglas A. Wilcox
  • Potential Climate Change Impacts on Native Bulrush Seeds (Schoenoplectus spp.) Relative to Invasive Common Reed (Phragmites) – Methods and Preliminary Results and Experience from the Wetland Ambassadors Program by Tatiana Lobato de Magalhães
  • Inaccurate Cover Classification Leads to Unnecessary Loss of Pennsylvania Palustrine Wetland Forest Structure and Functions by James A. Schmid


October 2018 Wetland Science & Practice

  • The Shifting Boundaries of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction by Royal C. Gardner, Erin Okuno
  • Assessing New Developments in IRIS Technology by C. Evan Park, Martin C. Rabenhorst
  • Wetland Plant Evolutionary History Influences Soil and Endophyte Microbial Community Composition SWS Research Grant – Final Report by Marisa Szubryt
  • What the World Needs Now to Fight Climate Change: More Swamps by William Moomaw, Gillian Davies, Max Finlayson
  • Science News Big Thicket Nematode (Worm) Research Discovers Species Possibly New to Science Submitted by Mary Catherine Johnston


Special Issue 2018 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Proceedings of the 2019 Annual Meeting

June 2018 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Assisting Nature: Ducks, “Ding” and DU by Arnold van der Valk
  • Principles of Wetland Creation and Restoration: Reflections, Part 2 by Mallory N. Gilbert
  • Experimental Wetlaculture (Wetlands + Agriculture) Mesocosm Compound Established in Naples, Florida, to Restore Wetlands, Solve Harmful Algal Blooms, and Develop Sustainable Agriculture by William J. Mitsch, Ph.D.
  • Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals by Salvinia natans in a Kashmir Himalayan RAMSAR Site by Syed Shakeel Ahmad


March 2018 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Stephen A. Forbes, Antecedent Wetland Ecologist? by Arnold van der Valk
  • Principles of Wetland Creation and Restoration: Reflections, Part 1 by Mallory N. Gilbert
  • Wetland Practice World Wetland Day and Ramsar Wetlands in the USA—Uncertainty for the Future by William J. Mitsch, Ph.D.
  • Book Highlight - Waubesa Wetlands:  New Look at an Old Gem by Joy Zedler


December 2017 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Antecedent Wetland Ecologists - German and Austrian in the Ninetieth Century by Arnold van der Valk
  • The Second Warning to Humanity and Wetlands by C Max Finlayson, William R Moomaw, Gillian T Davies
  • Wetland Science WETLANDS Introduces Permanent Series on Topics in Wetland Science by Marinus Otte


September 2017 Wetland Science & Practice

  • The History of Wetland Science – A Forthcoming Series in Wetland Science & Practice edited by Arnold van der Valk and Gordon Goldsborough
  • History and Role of the Journal Wetlands in Developing the Field of Wetland Science by Douglas A. Wilcox
  • Monitoring Changes in Minnesota Wetland Area and Type from 2006 to 2014 by Steven M. Kloiber and Douglas J. Norris


June 2017 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Wetland Science and Wetland Culture - Evolutions in the Ramsar Convention by Dave Pritchard


March 2017 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Marsh Restoration Using Thin Layer Sediment Addition: Initial Soil Evaluation by Jacob Berkowitz, Christine VanZomeren, and Candice Piercy
  • A Call for Action to Protect Vernal Ponds in Ontario by Gail Krantzberg, Nick Luymes, Dave Taylor, Douglas Markoff, and Kirushanth Gnanachandran


December 2016 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Are Salt Marsh Pools Suitable Sites for Restoration? by Joseph Smith and Larry Niles
  • Mangroves of the Niger Delta: Their Importance, Threats, and Possible Restoration by Elijah I. Ohimain

September 2016 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Lessons Learned from the Finderne Mitigation Site, Bridgewater, NJ by Roy C. Messaros
  • Climate Change and the Fate of Coastal Wetlands by Christopher Craft, Ellen Herbert, Fan Li, Dontrece Smith, Joe Schubauer-Berigan, Sarah Widney, Christine Angelini, Steve Pennings, Patricia Medeiros, Jeb Byers and Merryl Alber

June 2016 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Studenchishte Marsh as an Integral Part of Ancient Lake Ohrid: Current Status and Need for Protection by Nadezda Apostolova, Daniel Scarry, and Jos T.A. Verhoeven

March 2016 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Phenology of Carex stricta: It pays to be tall! by Joy Zedler


December 2015 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Evaluating a Rapid Assessment Method Using Salamander Community Metrics by Elizabeth A. Summers, Jacob F. Berkowitz, Chris V. Noble, and Frank Spilker
  • The Use of Wetlands in Boron (B) Remediation in Turkey by Onur Can Türker, Cengiz Türe, Harun Böcük, Anıl Yakar
  • An Overview of Research Supporting Wetland and Ordinary High Water Mark Delineation by Robert W. Lichvar, Jennifer J. Gillrich, Matthew K. Mersel, Cristina E. McKernan, and Betsy L. Bultema


September 2015 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Hydraulic Fracturing: Potential Impacts to Wetlands by Lori A. Sutter, Nathaniel B. Weston and Steven T. Goldsmith
  • Application of International Water Law in Eden: Environmental Protection of the Mesopotamian Marshes in Southern Iraq by Michelle Stevens and Nadir A. Salman
  • Notes on the Third Edition of the Floristic Quality Assessment of Michigan by Bradford S. Slaughter, Anton A. Reznicek, Michael R. Penskar and Beverly S. Walters


June 2015 Wetland Science & Practice

  • State-of-the-Science Report: Trends in Floristic Quality Assessment for Wetland Evaluation by Douglas A. DeBerry, Sarah J. Chamberlain and Jeffrey W. Matthews
  • Inventory and Mapping of Wetland Plant Communities in Burren National Park, Ireland by Daniel A. Sarr and Lorin Groshong
  • Coastal Planning on the U.S. National Wildlife Refuge System with the Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM) by Brian Czech


March 2015 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Ecological Survey of a Dredged Materialsupported Wetland in the Atchafalaya River, Louisiana: An Engineering with Nature Case Study by Jacob F. Berkowitz, Nathan R. Beane, Darrell E. Evans, Burton Suedel, and Jeffrey M. Corbino
  • Salinity Tolerance of Common Reed (Phragmites australis) at the Medouie Creek Restoration Site, Nantucket, MA by Jennifer M. Karberg, Karen C. Beattie, Danielle I. O’Dell, and Kelly A. Omand Karberg
  • Metrics for Determining Hydrophytic Vegetation in Wetland Delineation:  a Clarification on the Prevalence Index by Diane De Steven
  • Wetland Ecogenomics – The Next Generation of Wetland Biodiversity and Functional Assessment by Joel F. Gibson, Eric D. Stein, Donald J. Baird, C. Max Finlayson, Xiaowei Zhang, and Mehrdad Hajibabaei

December 2014 Wetlands Science & Practice

  • Impact of Rapid Infiltration Beds on Hydrology, Vegetation and Chemistry of a Forested Wetland by Catherine Owen Koning and Jennifer Bell
  • Wetland Habitat Assessments at the Rochester Embayment Area of Concern on the South Shore of Lake Ontario, USA by Dan Gefell, Emily VanWyk, Anne Secord, Nick Vermeulen, Emma Buckley, Justin Ecret, Andy Lowell and Amy Roe
  • Kite-based Aerial Photography (KAP): A Low Cost, Effective Tool for Wetland Research by Christian Andresen, Sergio Vargas, Vanessa Lougheed and Craig Tweedie


September 2014 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Monitoring Indicators of Climate Change along Long Island Sound: A Simple Protocol for Collecting Baseline Data on Marsh Migration by Chris S. Elphick and Christopher R. Field
  • An Approach to Monitoring Coastal Marsh Migration in the Northeast by Ralph W. Tiner and Peter L. M. Veneman
  • Recent Trends in U.S. Prairie Pothole Wetlands by M.T. Bergeson


June 2014 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Climate Adaptation at Kennedy Space Center:  How Can Wetlands Help NASA Adapt to Warming Temperature and Rising Seas? by S. Chapman, H. Tran, and C. Doughty
  • Evaluating Methods for Analyzing Vegetation and Determining Hydrophytic Vegetation for Wetland Delineation by R. Lichvar and J. Gillrich
  • Missisquoi Delta and Bay Wetlands Ramsar Site Designated in Vermont by K. Sturm
  • The Uros of Lake Titicaca and their Dependence on Totora (Schoenoplectus californicus ssp. totora; Cyperaceae) by R. Tiner


March 2014 Wetland Science & Practice

  • Variations in shoreline vegetation and turbidity of shallow lakes by Ryan D. Sullivan, La Toya Kissoon, Donna Jacob, Mark Hanson, Emily K Fischbach, and Marinus Otte
  • Restoring the Garden of Eden: Negative Impacts by Ali Abdul Zahra Douabul and Sama Sameer AlMaarofi


December 2013 Wetland Science & Practice

  • The Environmental Protection of Wetlands Under International Law by María E. Milanés Murcia, Samuel Sandoval Solis, and Michelle Stevens