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  1. Max Finlayson
  2. General Wetland Topics
  3. Friday, November 15 2019, 01:03 PM
Interested in further personal development - check these free webinars.

The WET Program at Sydney Olympic Park is offering a 3 more webinar sessions over the next three months. Access is free but you will need to register. Information about the topics and the speakers is available at the following URL, and summarised below:


You may need to cut and paste the URL into your browser.
• Food traceability and quality authentication for sustainable business
28 November 2019, 3.00pm

• Quantifying the benefits of urban mangroves to better understand their Ecosystem Services
19 December 2019, 3.00pm

• Wise Use principle of wetland management – how wise is the concept?
10 January 2020, 3.00pm

The webinars will be delivered at 3pm - 4pm AEDT which is +11 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The registration form contains a facility to convert the time to your own time zone.

These are free events and we look forward to your participation. Internationally renowned experts in the relevant field will be giving the talks.

Should there be any difficulties in registering or if you will require further assistance, please contact education@sopa.nsw.gov.au

Thanks and regards
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