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Wetland Ambassadors Graduate Research Fellowship

The Wetland Ambassadors Graduate Research Fellowships provide the opportunity for a graduate student to travel to another country and conduct groundbreaking wetland research with some of the world’s top wetland research scientists.

Call for mentors

The Society of Wetland Scientists is looking for Research Mentors for our 2018 Wetland Ambassadors Program! The SWS Wetland Ambassadors Program is an international student exchange program in which graduate students participate in a visiting research fellowship at an institution outside their home country that features rigorous wetland research in the student’s area of interest. One of the goals of the program is to provide students living in developing countries opportunities to conduct novel wetland research and be encouraged by expert wetland scientists.

Serving as a research mentor can be a unique and valuable opportunity for you to make progress in your wetlands research with the assistance of a graduate student (a.k.a. Wetland Ambassador) who possesses a different perspective. And, as equally important, it can foster research connections and collaborations with the student’s home base. Not to mention, your mentorship will also help to guide a selected Wetland Ambassador as they continue to pursue their career in wetland science. Wetland Ambassadors will be supported by the Society of Wetland Scientists. However, we also ask that Research Mentors work with their matched Wetland Ambassador to connect them with in-kind services at their institution, such as housing and meals for the duration of the fellowship, if possible.

If you are interested in applying to be a Research Mentor and you will be available to host a student in your laboratory/workplace during the upcoming summer of 2018, please complete the below application by Friday, September 8, at 11:59 p.m. EDT. The form includes space for a biography, project idea and current funding. Filling out the form does not commit you to serving as a Research Mentor, but means that you would like to be placed on a list that will be distributed with our application announcement to graduate students in the fall. Our research mentor selection committee will alert you of your status by the end of September. 

Time estimate to complete: 10 minutes
Apply to be a mentor

2017 Wetland Ambassador announced

Our Wetland Ambassador, Amr Keshta, is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Marine Estuarine Environmental Science (MEES) program at University of Maryland, USA. He completed his Master’s degree in the field of Environmental Science at Tanta University in Egypt in 2011. He will be carrying out his Wetland Ambassador fellowship at the University of Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany under the mentorship of Dr. Kai Jensen.

KeshtaAmr headshot

Amr Keshta is passionate about studying carbon cycling in wetlands, wetland biogeochemistry, sediment dynamics, soil carbon stocks, wetland hydrodynamics, climate change, and wetland restoration. His graduate research involves the application of remote sensing tools to aid in the prediction of the impact of sea level rise on coastal wetlands. He also studies greenhouse gas emissions and their global impact on coastal wetlands and wildlife habitats. The title of his Wetland Ambassador fellowship project is “Sediment dynamics and hydrology in natural and restored tidal freshwater wetlands across continents.”

The application for the 2017 program is now closed. Applications will reopen in 2018. 
In order to be considered for a fellowship, the applicant must be currently enrolled in a M.S. or Ph.D. program. Click here for more information on eligibility, applications instructions and guidelines.

Committee Member Geographic Location Email Address
Dr. Bianca Wentzell, Chair New Jersey, USA  bianca.m.pier@gmail.com
Dr. Andrew Baldwin Maryland, USA  baldwin@umd.edu
Dr. Curtis Richardson North Carolina, USA  curtr@duke.edu
Dr. Christopher Craft Indiana, USA  ccraft@indiana.edu
Dr. Jan Vymazal Prague, Czech Republic  vymazal@knc.czu.cz
Dr. Hsiao-Wen Wang Tainan City, Taiwan  whw82@mail.ncku.edu
Mr. Sean Charles Florida, USA  schar056@fiu.edu


Please contact Dr. Bianca Wentzell at Bianca.m.pier@gmail.com if you have any questions about the program.

New Jersey, USA