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2019 Nick Davidson Nick Davidson Environmental and Institute for Land, Water & Society,  Charles Sturt University
Mary E. Kentula Western Ecology Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Rebecca R. Sharitz Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
2017 Paul Keddy, Ph.D. Independent Scholar
2016 K. Ramesh Reddy University of Florida
2015 Jan Květ University of South Bohemia
2013 Curtis Richardson Duke University
2011 Lewis M. Cowardin U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (retired)
2009   Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc.
2007 William J. Mitsch The Ohio State University
John M. Teal Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
2005 Eville Gorham University of Minnesota
2002 William H. Patrick, Jr. Louisiana State University
Thomas C. Winter U.S. Geological Survey
2000 Robert G. Wetzel University of Alabama
1998 James G. Gosselink Louisiana State University
1996 Milton Weller Texas A&M University
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  • World’s Leading Aquatic Scientific Societies Urgently Call for Cuts to Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Pacific Northwest Chapter President Josh Wozniak authors article on the importance of wetlands for Salish Magazine
  • WOTUS Rulings

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