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Alaska representative needed to lead Wetland Treasures initiative

The SWS Education and Outreach Committee has been spearheading the Wetland Treasures (WT) initiative for 3 years. During this time the Committee has refined WT Criteria, created a WT application, secured funding for an interactive geospatial website, and gained the support of the SWS Executive Committee. The Committee is motivated to bring attention to high quality wetlands to increase the public's appreciation of wetlands and protect them for future generations. We hope that WT sites will assist in identification of additional US Ramsar sites. We are convinced this initiative will make a difference in wetland appreciation, understanding, education, and protection.

We need your help!
We are seeking one person to lead the effort to coordinate the identification of Wetland Treasures in the great state of Alaska. We have a rep for all other SWS US Chapters, we are only missing an Alaska rep now. This is what we need to move WT forward. 

Initially the representative will coordinate with Alaska Natural Resource agencies to evaluate their "special wetlands" list for possible designation as WT. Later on, the rep will be involved when reviewing WT applications. 

How do I get involved?
The Committee would like to identify the individual to lead this effort (or start this effort) in the next month. If you have an interest or know of someone who may be interested, please contact SWS Education and Outreach Committee Chair, Bill Morgante, as soon as possible. 

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