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January 16, 2020 | 1:00 P.M. ET

Women Leaders in Wetland Science

Presenters: Dr. Carol Johnston / Dr. Line Rochefort / Dr. Joy Zedler / Dr. Kathy Ewel

Moderator: Carrie Reinhardt Adams, PhD


We all hope that our professional accomplishments will make a difference to someone somewhere some day, and these are stories of women who have done just that, and how they did it. At the 2019 Society of Wetland Scientists Meeting, the Women in Wetland Section organized a symposium to highlight the contributions of remarkable female scientists and science policy experts in wetland science, management, restoration, and protection. This webinar features 4 of our speakers, Joy Zedler, Kathy Ewel, Carol Johnston, and Line Rochefort, who will be sharing their experience and contributions. They are pioneers in the field both in their efforts to better understand and protect wetlands and as leaders within their disciplines and organizations. These leaders are important role models for younger scientists.

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Carrie Reinhardt Adams, PhD Bio:

Dr. Carrie Reinhardt Adams is an Associate Professor at the University of Florida, specializing restoring wetland plant communities and scaling-up experimental manipulations to natural resource management. Her BS (Environmental Resources Management) and MS (Ecology) are from Pennsylvania State University, and her PhD is from University of Minnesota (Water Resources Science).


Dr. Joy Zedler's Bio:

Joy Zedler was among the first to develop wetland restoration into a science. Her alma mater, University of Wisconsin-Madison, enticed her back from San Diego to become the Aldo Leopold Chair of Restoration Ecology. Now Emerita, She continues wetland advocacy for children and other curious readers.


Dr. Katherine Ewel's Bio:

Katherine Ewel (AB Zoology, 1966 Cornell University and PhD Zoology 1970 University of Florida), is now Emerita at University of Florida, where she was a faculty member in School of Forest Resources and Conservation. Research reported here was conducted while she was a Senior Scientist with the USDA Forest Service.


Dr. Carol Johnston's Bio:

Carol Johnston is Professor Emerita at South Dakota State University. She is a Fellow of SWS and was its first female President. She served on U.S. National Academy of Sciences committees studying wetland delineation and wetland mitigation. In 2009, she received the National Wetlands Award for Science Research.


Dr. Line Rochefort's Bio:

Line Rochefort has been a professor at Université Laval since 1991 and is one of the world's pioneers in ecological restoration of peatlands. With 145 peer-reviewed scientific papers, her research addresses a very important social problem, namely protecting natural resources and ensuring integrated management of peatlands for future generations.

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"Thank you, presenters, and thank you SWS for hosting this. It is a great SWS membership benefit." - Kurt Kowalski, Ann Arbor, MI

"Excellent coverage of fascinating topics for wetland scientists!" - Ellen Hartig, New York, NY

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