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Próximos seminarios web de SWS en Español


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Los seminarios web en español de SWS están organizados por el Capítulo Internacional. Por favor, visite https://www.facebook.com/SWSLAC/ y haga clic en "ME GUSTA".

Próximos seminarios web de SWS en español

Este seminario web se presentará en el canal SWS de YouTube. Visite http://bit.ly/SWSYOUTUBE y haga clic en "SUSCRIBIRSE". Luego regrese al canal de YouTube cuando el video esté por comenzar. Use los comentarios a la derecha del video para comunicarse con otros espectadores y el presentador si también están conectados. Asegúrese de hacer clic en "Establecer recordatorio" en el video para que se le recuerde cuando comienza el seminario web.

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March 25, 2020 | 1 pm ET

Successful and Non-successful Experiences with the Use of Treatment Wetlands in Mexico

 wastewater wetland pic

Hybrid wastewater treatment system (municipal, including discharges of mining activity) through wetlands and stabilization lagoons, for a flow rate of 3 L/s. 5 years of operation.


Case studies of successful and non-successful experiences with the use of wetland treatment technology are shown in the presentation. Wetland sizing is analyzed, and how their geometry impacts the pollutant removal efficiency.
The presentation includes a study of kinetic constants, pollutant removal efficiencies, hydraulic evaluations (using tracers), experiences of treated water reusage, by-product generation (flowers, crops, etc.), impact of treated water on water bodies (macroinvertebrates assessment), treatment costs, and migration of stabilization ponds, to hybrid systems through wetlands and lagoons.
Experiences of wetland systems that were projected for a useful life of 20 years are shown, however they began to malfunction due to incorrect operation.

The crucial importance of socio-economic, political and cultural aspects in the implementation of this ecological technology is briefly highlighted.

It is concluded that all stages (design, construction, operation and maintenance) should be considered as an integral project, with the collaboration of all involved, where it should not be attended by different participants, in a dispersed and untimed way.

Presented by Ph.D. Armando Rivas Hernández

armando rivas hernandez


Ph.D. Armando Rivas Hernández, Born in Mexico in 1957. Biologist, University of Michoacana, San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Mexico (1979); specialty in biological treatment of contaminated water at Shimane Japan University (1989); Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1997) and Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Azcapotzalco (2013).
30 years of experience in wastewater treatment plants, at the Mexican Institute of Water Technology; emphasis on the design, construction, evaluation, training, consulting and technological research of natural systems, treatment wetlands and stabilization ponds.

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June 24, 2020 | 1 PM ET

Zoobenthophily: a new type of pollination for marine plants'

Presented by Dr. Brigitta I. van Tussenbroek and M.Sc. and Ricardo Wong


September, 23, 2020 | 1 PM ET

Mexican mangroves

Presented by Dr. Marivel Domínguez Domínguez


December 2020 1 PM ET

Urban wetlands in Latin America

Presented by Dr. Carolina Rojas Quezada